Physical Therapy

Virtual: Running Analysis, Movement Screenings & Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is only available to Colorado residents due to licensing regulations

Running Analysis

Run Pain Free

  • Purposefully practice running
  • Identify movement strategies
  • Prevent injuries
  • Get specific ideas to improve your running
  • Increase your performance & longevity

Movement Screenings

Move Healthily

  • Evaluate range of motion
  • Measure flexibility
  • Determine strength
  • Improve coordination
  • Become efficient
  • Prepare your body to do what you love

Virtual Physical Therapy

Treatment without Travel

  • Work one-on-one with a Physical Therapist
  • Prevent & treat injuries
  • Meet for movement screenings
  • Schedule follow-up PT appointments

Run Healthy PT Package (Save $50)

Run Pain Free & Move Healthily

Run Healthy PT Package Includes:

  • Running Analysis (Virtual)
  • Movement Screening (Virtual)
  • Summary of the findings & why it matters
  • Recommendations as to what to do to run healthy

After you book, Lara will email you instructions on what and how to film.


$150 Run Healthy PT Package


Mercuria Running

Physical Therapist

Virtual Running Analysis

Run Pain Free

Many assume that running is just the next developmental stage after walking and that we do it “naturally”.  The reality is that running needs to be purposefully practiced with each and every step (just like rehearsing a song on the piano).  Video analysis can identify movement strategies, both good and bad, as well as help hypothesize any potential risk for injury.  By completing this formal running analysis Lara can provide you and the Mercuria coaches ideas on how to improve your running form for overall better performance and longevity.

After you book, Lara will email instructions on what and how to film.


Mercuria Running

Physical Therapist

Virtual Movement Screening

Move Healthily!

Running efficiently involves an adequate amount of range of motion, flexibility, strength and coordination.  This musculoskeletal movement screen assesses all of the above to determine your body’s readiness to run with the most durability possible.  You’ll often hear your coaches say that the “better you prepare ahead of time, the better you will perform during, and the less recovery you will need after”.  This means making sure you are meeting your body’s needs in all the above categories (self-release for range of motion/flexibility, corrective exercises for coordination/strength, and more) throughout your training cycle with as much diligence as you would your runs.  By completing this screen, Lara can provide you and the Mercuria coaches ideas on how to train the most efficient and well-prepared body possible.

After you book, Lara will email instructions on what and how to film.

$99 Movement Screening

Mercuria Running

Physical Therapist

Virtual Physical Therapy

Stay healthy.

Work with Physical Therapist Lara to stay healthy and treat injuries. Lara will meet with you virtually from the comfort of your own home or office. Feel a potential injury creeping on? Meet with Lara to address the discomfort before it becomes an injury. Have a chronic injury you've been struggling with? Address it with Lara and get moving pain free! Prefer to talk with a PT rather than record videos? Lara can do movement screenings or a running analysis in a virtual PT session!


After you book Physical Therapist Lara will contact you to schedule


$99/ 1 session, $475/ 5 sessions, $900/ 10 sessions

Mercuria Running

Physical Therapist

Training Packages w/ PT (Save $129-$168)

Reach your goals!
Train with Coach Jenni, Coach Brittany, & PT Lara

Training Package includes:

  •  Personalized Training Plan (4-months or 6-months)
  • Online coaching
  • 3 sessions of In-person coaching or virtual PT* (you can do a combination of both)

*Physical therapy sessions are only available for Colorado residents due to licensing regulations.

Training Package ideal for training for a marathon, half marathon, ultra, or race series

During COVID-19 video Zoom sessions are available with our coaches

$790/ 4-month training plan package, $1050/ 6-month training plan package

Mercuria Running

Coach & PT

Colorado: Free group run every Wednesday! HTB Run Club - 5k & 10k at 6:30

Meet at Highland Tap & Burger, 2219 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

New Hampshire: Free group run every Thursday! Runner's Alley - 3 mile & 5 mile at 6:00

Meet at Runners Alley, 104 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801


I am an avid runner and I have been working with Lara for 3 years now through everything from 10K’s to marathons. She is so passionate about what she does, always trying to get to the root of the problem and working from there. She is so knowledgeable and is constantly furthering her education. I know that after seeing her things are going to feel a lot better!".
I have been seeing Lara for various injuries over the past few years. She has always been extremely thorough, communicates well, patient focused, and willing to try new treatments. After my last injury, I vowed to get better, stronger, faster and moved to a proactive, wellness approach. Lara was excited by the opportunity and has provided me weekly strength, balance, and flexibility training to help prevent future injuries. I schedule a monthly session to work on any issues, update the plan, and make sure that progress is being made. She has always been available through email for any questions and her willingness to do this and customize the workout around my other activities to include those daily living hurdles has been amazing.
I began working with Lara Canham in April 2018 to resolve nagging arch pain in both feet that was preventing me from training at full capacity. I was signed up for a trail marathon and three ultra marathons between May and September, and Lara's expert care allowed me to not miss a single day of running. Between the immediate relief brought by the dry needling and the targeted exercises she prescribed, I was able to resolve my arch pain and have a great running season!