Let's Run!

Coach Jenni Nettik is the #1 rated Colorado running coach on!
Run Strong, Train Smart, Stay on Track & Reach Your Goals with Mercuria Running

Form coaching

Run Strong

  • In-person sessions with coach directed workout
  • Form cues
  • Running-specific strength assessment
  • Balance & mobility exercises
  • Injury prevention tips
  • Goal planning

Training plans

Train Smart

  • Training tailored to individual goals
  • Online access from anywhere
  • Effort & pace charts
  • Mental strength drills
  • Dynamic warm-up routines
  • Strength exercises
  • Description of types of runs
  • Explanation of speed work

Online coaching 

Stay on Track

  • Expert support & feedback
  • 2-3 check-ins via training plan per week
  • Training plan adjustments as needed
  • Goal planning

Winter Special! (Save $65)

FREE month of online coaching with purchase of training plan 

Winter Special includes:
-Personalized training plan (4-months or 6-months)
-1 FREE month of online coaching


$150/ 4-month training plan, $225/ 6-month training plan

Jenni Nettik



Reach your goals! Prepare for your marathon with Coach Jenni.

Marathon package includes:
-Personalized Training Plan (up to 4 months)
-3 in-person coaching sessions
-Online coaching

$500/ 4-month marathon package

Jenni Nettik



Run strong, run healthy.

Meet one-on-one with Coach Jenni.

Coaching includes:
-Running form technique
-Running strength, mobility, balance & coordination exercises
-Coach-directed workouts with immediate feedback
-Injury prevention exercises and tips
-Discussion of goals

After you book, Coach Jenni will contact you via email to schedule.

$75/ 1 session,  $350/ 5 sessions,  $650/ 10 sessions

Jenni Nettik


Training Plans

Train smart, be intentional.

Coach Jenni will design a personalized training plan to help you reach your goals.

Pair training plans with online coaching for $65/month and get weekly support and plan adjustments as needed.

--Please allow one week for development--

After you book, Coach Jenni will email a training plan questionnaire.

$150/ 4-month, $225/ 6-month, $150/ 1-month+online coach

Jenni Nettik



Stay on track, get support.

Coach Jenni will personally check-in with you multiple times each week to keep you on track during your training. Ask questions and stay accountable by chatting directly inside your online training plan.

Must be paired with a 4 or 6 month training plan.

$65/ month

Jenni Nettik


Phone Coaching

Stay accountable, check-in weekly.

Check-in with Coach Jenni weekly via the phone to set goals, discuss training, and reflect on performance.
Talk for 15-20 minutes, 1 month = 4 phone calls


$75/ 1-month,  $280/ 4-month,  $390/ 6-month

Jenni Nettik


Endurance Fueling & Coaching

Reach your goals!

Looking to improve your running performance? Coach Jenni and Dietitian Amanda Turner of Active Fueling will help you put together a plan to cover all of your training needs through your next training cycle. You'll receive a specific plan to meet your training goals and learn correct race fueling and daily intake to get the most benefit from that training.

Package Includes:

1 initial assessment: includes individual nutrition needs analysis, goal setting, and nutrition behavior modification
2 ultrasound body fat tests
4 half hour follow-ups:
education on daily nutrition needs for training
appropriate pre/post exercise fueling
appropriate fuel during exercise
behavior modification
supplementation recommendations as needed
ergogenic aid education
accountability tools
1- 4-month training plan
1 month online run coaching including mental focus assignments, communication with Coach Jenni, and training plan adjustments as needed.

Cost: $615 (Save $150)
You'll be charged $215 when booking, Coach Jenni will introduce you to Amanda, remaining $400 will be paid to Active Fueling.
$615 for 4 months (Save $150)

Jenni Nettik



I got tons of thanks from our PaySimple employees for setting up such a cool activity and there has been tons of office chatter about folks trying out Jenni’s techniques and how great they’re working! I really appreciated how easy it was to set up a time and how many things we went over and tried out in just an hour.
Jenni was fantastic at our first session. She was so thorough and really made sure she got a good running history from me. Everything she went over was helpful and her video analysis really helped me see what I need to be doing. I can’t wait to have my next session and continue to become a better runner as I come off injury.
Coach Jenni is great with my son. Within an hour, she was able to give him tips on his running to help with his cross country race the same day, exercises to help with his ankle pain and engage him and in a way that made him want to schedule again. Not easy with a teenager! Thanks Jenni!