Mercuria Running

Coach Jenni will help you reach your goals!

Mercuria Running specializes in form coaching, training plans & online coaching

Coach Jenni helps runners of all abilities confidently reach their goals

Meet Coach Jenni

Best Race Performance: Winner of the 2012 Napa Valley Trail Half Marathon

Marathon PR: 3:12:11, Chicago Marathon 2016 (Top 1% of women, Top 5% of all athletes)

Boston PR: 3:17:16, Boston 2015

New York Marathon PR: 3:22:19, New York 2017

Pacer: Aspen Valley Marathon 2016, 3:40 Marathon Pace Group

Running Story

I’ve been a runner since first grade, when I beat all the boys at recess. Since then, I’ve enjoyed running for fun, fitness, and a little competition. Currently, my favorite distance is the marathon. I thrive on the mental and physical challenges of running 26.2 miles. I enjoy road running for speed, and love the trails because the challenging terrain keeps me engaged and builds strength.

Coaching Story

As a coach, I specialize in form coaching, training plans and online coaching. I combine 30 years of running experience with 10+ years as an educator. I love running and building relationships with my athletes. Together we'll have fun and reach your goals!

Who benefits from working with a running coach?

Marathoners, Half Marathoners, Ultra Runners, Beginners, Run/Walkers, BQ Athletes, Triathletes,
Youth, Couples, Families, Police, Military, Dog Agility Handlers & Corporate Wellness Groups.

What Does Mercuria Mean?

“Mercuria” is word play on the name Mercury, who in ancient Roman mythology was the
speedy messenger of the gods. Since Mercuria Running was founded by a couple of speedy
ladies, Mercury has a female twist: Mercuria. Mercury’s famous winged shoes, which today
are a common symbol for running, became a part of our logo.

Free group run every Wednesday! HTB Run Club - 10k at 6:20 & 5k at 6:30 -

Meet at Highland Tap & Burger, 2219 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211


Coach Jenni is great! She was able to zone into my problem with running during our first meeting and we are developing a plan. She is knowledgeable and very energetic and motivated to help. She is very responsive with follow up and I appreciate her expertise.
After my first session I feel as if I have a much clearer vision of what my running strengths and weaknesses are and how I can improve. She has a great ability to listen to her runner and provide just the right amount of details in her explanations to give a complete picture of the methodology behind her guidance.
Jenni is very knowledgable and is great at explaining things. I highly recommend her. She adjust her training to your needs and really knows how to get you going. Wonderful teacher and trainer.