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Saturday, 19 January 2013 / Published in Tips, Uncategorized

by Coach Jenni Nettik

As woman runner, there are few important things to remember to help you stay safe while running–especially in the winter when the days are short.

1. Be alert: Pay attention to your surroundings while you’re running. Sorry, this means your eyes & ears–running with headphones takes away one of your senses. Only run with headphones when safety is not a concern. While running, observe the people around you on foot and in vehicles; if something or someone seems strange, move away or alter your path.

2. Find a running group: Does your neighborhood have a running club or training group? Training with others is a great way to avoid running by yourself in the dark winter months.

3. Don’t run in isolated areas alone: Think about where you run; will you see many other people? Can others see you? If not, save the run until a friend can join you.

4. Tell people where you’re running: Before you head out the door let someone know where you’re going; leave a note, send text or give call.

5. Bring a cellphone: It’s nice to be totally free while running, but if you’re alone considering bringing your phone. If you need help, it’ll only be a phone call away.

6.Trust your instincts: Listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to alter your route if something seems off–it’s better to be safe!

What else do you do to stay safe?