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After just one session with Coach Jenni, I already feel such a difference in my running. I could not believe how comprehensive our first session was, and I walked away with TONS of valuable tips and running cues that I could easily focus on immediately. I was also so relieved by how easy Jenni was to talk to. She made the whole experience extremely comfortable and fun. Can’t wait to continue working with her![Jordan has since qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times]
I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Brittany as my coach. Location has necessitated online coaching, but e-mail, text, phone, and an interactive training plan have made it feel very personal. What draws me to Brittany is how she manages to find the ideal balance between working hard and having fun. She designs challenging workouts, provides timely feedback, offers valuable insight, and gives tons of encouragement. Brittany has helped me rediscover my speed, while also recapturing the joy in my running. I don’t know what else I could hope for in a running coach!
I am very excited to train with Coach Jenni for my upcoming marathon. One session has already had an impact on my training, I look forward to the next one. Her skills, expertise, professionalism, communication and encouragement are more than I expected. I am so glad I found her through CoachUp and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their running skills.
Jenni is an amazing running coach! My husband and I hired her to help us with form and improve our strength and time in some upcoming half marathons. In just one session, we both fixed a major flaw in our form and saw vast improvement. After each session she also sends you an awesome review of your progress and what to work on. [Jessica & Al ran their first marathon, the Big Sur Marathon]
My husband and I have only had one session with Coach Jenni so far, but she was already so helpful in working with us on our forms and letting us know what exactly to focus on. It seems that it would be really easy to get bogged down in a lot of little changes but Coach Jenni helped us pick the biggest areas to focus on and is really encouraging! We are really looking forward to our next session with her.
I didn’t take up running until my mid forties and Jenni helped me not only become a better runner but helped me believe I could really BE a runner.!
Jenni is so awesome and easy to talk to! She’s also very thorough and maps out exactly what needs practice, but also let’s me know what my strong points are.
Coach Jenni is great with my son. Within an hour, she was able to give him tips on his running to help with his cross country race the same day, exercises to help with his ankle pain and engage him and in a way that made him want to schedule again. Not easy with a teenager! Thanks Jenni!
I have spent the last 4 months training for a half-marathon with Jenni, and I could not have had a better experience. She is extremely knowledgable, supportive and fun to train with. She has helped me become more than ready for my race!
Jenni pays close attention to detail and provides, clear, explicit direction and tips to improve your running. My goals were to increase speed and prevent injury. She dramatically improved everything about my running from form, to cadence, to posture, to the exercises I needed to strengthen the areas where I was weak and reduce the likelihood of injury. She delivered tremendous value. Not only will I refer her to anyone that runs, I plan to use her services again in the future!!
Jenni was great to work with. On top of being a great communicator before our actual session, she was excellent to work with during the coaching session itself. She came very prepared and made every minute count during our time working together. I left our first session with a clear idea of what I needed to do to improve my stride and gait and look forward to continuing to work to improve with her. I’ll be going back to her soon and would recommend her to others without hesitation.
Working with Jenni was great! She is very personable and really took her time to help me in getting the basics in reaching my goals. I am training for my first half marathon and I am not a very experienced runner. Jenni helped me with my form and other things personalized to what I had told her that I needed help with or wanted to work on. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to improve their running.
Coach Jenni is amazing, she is energetic, tentative, and has an excellent way of understanding what you want to get out of running and making it a reality for you. She also gives you a lot of information and exercises that help you better yourself as a runner. I would highly recommend her for any athlete at whatever stage you are in, from beginner to advanced level!
Jenni is a knowledgeable and skilled coach. She has recommended tips that have helped my son with his efficiency. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing guidance on running.
Melissa B
Jenni possess a love of running that is infectious. Throughout the year, she sets multiple goals for herself which makes her a great coach. She understand the benefits of setting goals – – both big and small – – and celebrating the achievement of each.
Diana M
Jenni is a very knowledgeable runner and motivating coach who always stays positive and shares helpful tips and encouragement. She helped me build my endurance to complete a 10K, and I increased my mileage and speed while training more than I thought I could do because I was having fun and had learned more about running.
Claire F
Jenni makes running fun. She's got this ridiculous recipe that goes a little something like this: she's welcome, warm, and inviting so that any activity–even running–sounds fun. She adds to that knowledge, great technique, personal experience, and an athletic physique which helps inspire you to get to where she is. To top it off, she wants to share this passion with others and will go out of her way to help you achieve what it is that you want. Voila!
Ray M
I’ve really enjoyed the positive outlook and energy that Coach Jenni brings to group workouts!
Emily H
Jenni is an amazing coach. I joined her run club a few years ago, and while I never defined myself as a ‘runner’ Jenni has helped me to transform my image of myself. Not only does she help with the intricacies of the actual sport, but she pushes you to believe in yourself (not judge yourself off of others) and celebrate your triumphs when they occur.
Jason C.
Mercuria Running is about removing the barriers of intimidation and excuses. Through encouragement and friendly group runs I’ve been able to find adventure, joy and fun in my running.
Bryan M.
Over the past year, Coach Jenni has shown me the benefits of hill and group training. Prior to joining her, my running performance had plateaued and frankly, I was a bit bored. Training with her provided a team environment that promoted much needed growth. She opened my eyes toward trail running in the front range and has challenged me to accomplish things I never thought possible.
Nancy O
I found Mercuria Running through google and it was an amazing experience. At the time, I felt like I wasn’t getting any faster even though I was doing speed intervals and my fitness increased through cross-training. I felt like my gait was off and I didn’t know how to fix it. Friends and trainers in the gym gave me a few tips here and there, but nothing compared to working with Mercuria Running. I’m the type that needs to see to learn and understand what’s going on. On the first session, Jenni was the most bubbly and friendly person I met. She made me feel comfortable as we jogged around the park. She took videos, analyzed it and talked about my stride & body position. The follow-up email was thorough, informational and was a reminder about what we worked on. Although I’m not in Denver currently, I have referred her to my brother and friends, and even out of town friends who will be visiting Denver. I know I still have to work on my running technique but Jenni gave me the skills and reinvigorated my love for running. You should definitely shoot Jenni a message and work with Mercuria Running to improve your speed, work on your form or if you just want to get excited about running again!
I consider myself a novice runner I started running about 5 years ago and I’ve completed a few half marathons. I started running to get into shape and learn that I liked/hated pounding the pavement it wasn’t until I had time to work with Jenni and I learned some techniques to make it truly enjoyable. I am now able to go almost twice the distance with the same amount of effort and this is due to what I learned in one short session her I would recommend her as a running coach to anyone wanting to reach the next level whether that be from a novice runner or a expert just trying to shave a few seconds of their time. I’m looking forward to having my family work with her so my children can get the most out of there runs
Mary F
Even if you don’t think you need a running coach, you need Jenni. And if you are looking for a running coach, you won’t find anyone better than Jenni. She radiates so much enthusiasm, encouragement and positive energy, that you will always leave a session feeling happy, more inspired and confident about reaching your goals. And it doesn’t stop with the session. Afterwards, she sends you a detailed recap of everything that was covered and more, including a review of your strengths and areas for improvement, written descriptions of all the stretches and exercises she taught you, and ideas for how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Her joy in running is infectious, and she has a wealth of knowledge on every aspect, not just fitness,form, and training, but also shoes, equipment, nutrition, fueling, etc. She will help you practice how to improve your mental strength and use positive self-talk to get to the next level. I’m so glad I found her, and if you decide to meet with her, you will immediately understand why, and no doubt become a fan yourself!