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Mercuria Running specializes in form coaching, training plans & online coaching.
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I workout regularly but felt I was not improving. So I hired coach Jenni. I’m so glad I did because I’ve learned a lot about fitness and am a better athlete because of coach Jenni. Coach Jenni taught me about stretching, recovery, core strength, nutrition, mental toughness, smarter training. Her experience and knowledge are impressive. I whole heartedly recommend coach Jenni for all your coaching needs.
Coach Jenni is working with my daughter to recover from injury. Her individualized plan includes working on her problem areas. My daughter has learned lots from just two sessions.
Really enjoyed my session with Jenni. She covered every part of running I could think of- exercises, stretching, technique, eating, breathing… everything I wanted to know. She has an obvious love of running and knows how to pass it on. Her response time and online communications are also excellent and if I’m looking for further instruction she’s the first one I’ll contact.