Let's Run!

Run Strong, Train Smart, Dream Big & Reach Your Goals!

Coach Brittany & Coach Keri-Ann will help your kids reach their running goals!

Form coaching

Run Strong

  • In-person sessions with coach directed workout
  • Form cues
  • Running-specific strength assessment
  • Balance & mobility exercises
  • Injury prevention tips
  • Goal planning

In-Person Workouts

Train Confidently

  • Training tailored to individual goals
  • Coach directed workouts
  • Race technique support
  • Mental strategy suggestions
  • Confidence building
  • Positive mentorship
  • How to mix play & hard work!

NUTrition coaching 

Stay Fueled

  • Expert support & feedback
  • Fueling education for endurance
  • Training plan adjustments as needed
  • Goal planning


Run Healthy, Unleash Your Potential, Play Hard!

Hoping to keep running a life-long sport by staying injury-free with proper form? Have a tough workout coming up? Want some help on pacing? Looking to build confidence in that workout that you can’t seem to mentally tackle? Coach Brittany or Coach Keri-Ann has been through it all, and is here to coach you one-on-one through your workout. 

Coaching Includes: 

  • Intro to running form technique
  • Running strength, mobility, balance & coordination exercises
  • Injury prevention exercises and tips
  • Coach-directed workouts with immediate feedback
  • Suggestions for race techniques, mental strategy, & confidence building
  • Follow up recap
  • FUN while running!!

After you book, Coach Brittany or Coach Keri-Ann will contact you via email to schedule.


$150/ first session, $120/ 1 session, $600/ 5 sessions, $1150/ 10 sessions

Mercuria Running

Mercuria Coach


Run Strong, Run Healthy.

Looking to improve your running performance? The coaches of Mercuria Running along with dietitian Amanda Turner of Active Fueling will help you put together a plan to cover all of your training needs through your next training cycle. You'll receive a specific plan to meet your training goals and learn correct race fueling and daily intake to get the most benefit from that training.


  • 1 x Initial assessment: includes individual nutrition needs analysis, goal setting, and nutrition behavior modification
  • 2 x Ultrasound body fat tests
  • 4 x 30 Minute follow ups:
    • Education on daily nutrition needs for training
    • Appropriate pre/post and mid-exercise fueling
    • Behavior modification
    • Supplementation recommendations as needed
    • Ergogenic aid education
    • Accountability tools

Form Coaching, Training Plan, and Online Coaching tailored to your needs. Price specific to length of plan and number of in-person sessions. Please book or contact Coach Jenni or Brittany to schedule.

Mercuria Running

Mercuria Coach